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Thursday, 4 June 2009

I don't want an egg

This is what Gordon Brown feels like today.


  1. Hello Rosie

    Yes! Looks like young Gordon is having a bit of a tough time.

    Came across a couple of your old Maureen Chlorine posts that I would like to comment/query about - the ones mentioning William Crawford. I tried to comment at the original postings but it didn't seem to work so I hope I have better luck here. In fact it was the 1855 William Crawford painting you posted back on February 24 last year that led me to your blog and then I discovered the further comment about William you posted on May 19. William was my great grandmother's brother. So you think the girl on the fence is Theodosia? And who is the young lady in the 1855 portrait?

    Also enjoyed the history of your tooth.

  2. What a surprise! William Crawford was my great, great (great?) grandfather. I have quite a few drawings and a large portrait of what I think is his wife. My email is
    I have a lot of information aboiut the Crawfords. I would love to hear your side.


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