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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The State of my Brain

Well, there we go...I must have saved it in the wrong format because the colours are all wrong.
Went to the braincloud meeting. It's sort of akin to vacuuming one's brain. Quite an odd sensation and beginning to dawn on me that there is a possibility of beating panic attacks after all. One of the people in the class can actually completely paralyse themselves. It makes me wonder what fantastic things brains are capable of that we don't know about yet.


  1. The brain is certainly a clever old thing. Do you get Derren Brown over there? My brother's obSESSed with his studies of human behaviour how we can influence our own behaviour (and others!)xx

  2. Completely paralysing yourself doesn't sound like an entirely good idea. Presumably they have an exit strategy?

  3. I guess carrying a parachute would be an option.

  4. Hi Jessie, Us Scots certainly believe in second sight. The brain is amazing.


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