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Sunday, 25 October 2009


Gremlins in the computer. It is impossible to find out the time here because there is only one clock in the house apart from ones that are part of a digital screen...which means they rarely tell the right time because of all the power cuts. The grandfather clock leaning against the sofa is sadly waiting to leave. It does not like being here. I have my father's watch somewhere. The computer says it is four in the afternoon but it keeps switching itself to GMT.

Oh well, Henry and his invisible wife arrived next door last night. It turns out this morning that Henry cannot remember where he left his car last night. Nor is he sure of what make it is. He usually finds it somewhere near the local brothel (His words, not mine).


  1. If Mrs de la P. were invisible I'd spend a lot more time in brothels.

  2. You wouldn't in the one here. It's a good job Mrs P. is obviously highly appreciated.


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