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Thursday, 3 September 2009

Hands Off Experience

I'm sure nobody is interested in the sound of tile cutters...which is about all that's happening outside right now...oh, and it's 30 in the shade and it's five in the afternoon...and I'm waiting and waiting for Apple Mac to drop their prices...which they are doing...but when will they bottom out? How come there's millions of kids on Youtube doing demos on their new Macbook Pros? Where do these kids in the closed-curtained bedrooms get all this wealth?
"I'm on my third computer in the last two years," they burble. "Hey, here I am unboxing my new 24 inch iMac and check out the new Adobe Creative Suite 4. It's awesome."
I'm off to jump down the sink disposer thingy except I don't have one.


  1. Hi Rosie, I liked your idea of Cupcake wedding guests! I'm on to frogs today, trying things out, trying to remember how to draw in fact, things like that. I hope to be back soon!x

  2. Hi Jessie,
    Have you noticed how many "creative" bloggers seem to be unable to think straight at the moment?
    Funnily enough I was writing about raining fish and frogs today.


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