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Sunday, 16 August 2009

Four Eyes

Imagine if you really did have four eyes? The most inane things go through my head quite out of the blue. While I am sitting peacefully trying not to cough my insides out this tongue twister arrived in my thoughts.
"Do you have an Ikea
Idea, Dear?"
I could understand if I had, had some sort of organ transplant with a donor in advertising or something but that's not the case. But I bet you can't say it very fast over and over for more than eight seconds....

Time for a cup of tea. What is white tea anyway?


  1. I spend a lot of time, well several minutes some days, looking at pigeons whilst they look at me when I'm sitting on the patio and they're drinking from the 'water feature'. They have two eyes (each), but they're on opposite sides of their head. So, if the pigeon's perched sideways on, looking at me with its right eye, it must be seeing the bottom of the garden with its left. No wonder they're confused.
    The question about white tea will have to wait for another time. Mainly because I've never heard of the stuff.

  2. I have two really stupid pigeons at the end of this garden. They arrive every evening, flap like demented rubber gloves and leave leave huge amounts of poop. Maybe they have eyes like flies?
    White tea is supposed to make you live forever but I had never heard of it either. I'll stick to Rioja. I have not smoked for eight hundred days. I have not smoked 34.000 cigarettes. How scarey is that?!


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