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Saturday, 18 July 2009

How Are You?

I appear to be on standby mode.
They have opened the new bypass which means suddenly there are no queues of giant trucks snaking through town. The holiday makers are pouring going up the street at seven in the morning! Must be tourists, the people that live here don't budge before ten in the morning.

Here's a guitarist I hadn't come across before...


  1. Lovely, lovely guitar music :)

  2. Ce morceau de guitare est magnifique ! J'adore la guitare comme je l'ai entendu jouer à Montpellier par Manitas de plata ! I love !
    Ce blog est très très original et j'ai envie de faire quelques pas avec toi ! OK ?
    A bientôt ! ...<8:}

  3. Jeff...You've played with Manitas de Plata?????!!!!
    Thanks for adding me to blogs you follow.

  4. Hi Jessie, How is your guitar doing? Have you tried a guitarlele? I bought one a few months ago. It's wonderful!


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