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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Coo Eee

Back home in one piece. Very pleased to have avoided the Unfayre Air queues by printing a boarding pass. Also pleased they didn't open my bag which was mainly full of antique buttons and some LP's featuring Segovia, John Williams and Julian Bream...and a set of Swiss moulds for making marzipan rabbits and parrots which I am vaguely wondering if I can use in soapmaking? Not that I have ever made soap but I have a book by...Melinda Coss.

And when you read that, you think hmmm...I would like to try that...and now I think it's time for tea because, although I was in a hailstorm in Britain two days ago, I am now in 35 degrees here. Crikey, nice to be home. I possibly will never have an excuse to go to Britain again. Never say never.


  1. Welcome back - good to see you got home all in one piece! It's raining and raining here today and I've just got back from the shops and am sat here with soaking wet jeans!x

  2. Thanks Jessie. It actually hailed one day but back here I'm in shorts and bare feet in front of the fan! Peely Wally winter legs aarrg.


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