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Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Spent all morning trying to draw a storm but with no joy. Here's some old birds I dug out...and now I'm thinking...mmm...I wouldn't mind making a tapestry weaving out of that. I inverted the colours just for fun but actually think I prefer these colours over the originals. Or a carpet...

A friend in Belgium sent me this link today. If you can't bear to hear Julie Andrews singing from the Sound of Music then don't bother.

and here's my favourite Mary Poppins video...

And not watch this if you are an Ainsley Harriot fan


  1. I cringe at the thought of Julie Andrews singing from the sound of music but I was curious! I felt quite moved by this for some reason, must be all those people doing the same thing.
    The Mary Poppins vid, well that's how I've always seen it anyway, and lastly the Ainsley Harriet warning....I can't bear him but you didn't give out a warning about Rory Bremner!! He's even more annoying!

  2. HA,HA. I liked the railway station one because I wasn't expecting it. The Sound of Music drives me nuts. But I do like Rory Bremner and I never watch Ainsley Harriot.


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