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Thursday, 16 April 2009


I would really, really like to play this with somebody. What a rapport these two have.

Had a tooth out this morning so I just feel like a big baby. It's been on Ben Nevis, In Brazil, Bahrain, The States, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, France, Britain, Ireland, Up the Alps, on a glacier, in hot air balloons. It once helped sing songs in a "Snow White" pantomime. Yes, yes, the one where the dwarves were taller than me. It met Prince Andrew who wore far too much cologne.It's been on trains and planes and boats and bikes. I feel quite sorry that it's landed up in a dustbin somewhere. I wonder what the new one will be like?


  1. Do you really get new ones (organic) when you're older than 8? I thought you got gaps. Anyway, don't worry, it's away with the fairies now. And it's pleasing and comforting that the process evidently didn't incapacitate.

  2. Arturo, the dentist, didn't even give it back so I didn't get a sixpence either. No sign of a new one I guess I'll have to make an appointment :(


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