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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Dream Brolly

Two more ladies have joined the trio so now we are cinco. They both get the giggles even more than me so maybe I'm not utterly alone on the planet after all? They have designated me as first violin, ha, ha. Raul, who has been away taking exams, maybe coming back to the group, but he's sort of an Ozzy Osborne wannabee so won't be impressed by being surrounded by, quite frankly, Women's Insitute calender girls but fully clothed. Raul's job is being in charge of the local fiestas. I shall ask him why in the last ten years the only good show here was Paco de Lucia and from then on it's been 1970's singers that nobody knew then either. The last show here was "The incredible Javier. Man with a minimum of fifty voices." I'm not kidding.
Cabin luggage on to do list.


  1. Paco de Lucia in the last 10 years sounds good to me!x

  2. It was pure magic and an outside concert with crickets singing in the background.


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