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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Blue Skies

Biannual haircut today. The hairdresser is full of a real mix of nationalities and the owner quite often has his speakers plugged into internet radio stations. He's just back from Thailand and plopped his laptop in front of me so I could see his photos while going through the boring process of a haircut.
It was bursting with people. It's another fiesta tomorrow so all the gentlemen were getting moustaches trimmed and the ladies having their jet black locks dyed blond.
The blue sky is done with paintbrushes I made in Photoshop. The ones I saved yesterday have vanished. All I ask is I get to do the cover of the "New Yorker" magazine just once during my time on this planet.


  1. I don't like the sound of your hairdressers! I've got my very own personal one now heehee, my daughter-in-law has nearly qualified and did mine last week and yes it was fine thank goodness.x

  2. The hairdresser is a hoot. It's sort of like going to he Roman baths. I just don't like getting my hair cut.


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